The Inval Process

The process may vary or be tailored to suit the specific needs of a valuation, but essentially the same methodical and practical approach is taken regardless of the size of the task.

  1. The Briefing.

    Whether by phone, email or in person, every valuation starts with a thorough understanding of your needs.

  2. Digging.

    Naturally, we have an array of reports and historical records at our disposal. Our initial investigations cover property comparisons, market-valuation data, sales history by property, business type and region, environmental and climactic conditions, enabling us to obtain a realistic overview of market conditions.

  3. Walking the dirt.

    Good, accurate valuations cannot be performed in front of a computer. Once our desktop research has been completed, we inspect every property in person and in detail.

  4. Report writing.

    With all investigations thoroughly executed, we prepared a simple, logical, evidence-based report detailing our findings.

A typical Inval valuation report will include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Instructions
  • Basis of Valuation
  • Valuation & Inspection Date
  • Location
  • Tenure
  • Planning
  • Land – Physical Characteristics & Improvements
  • Water Resources
  • Climatic Conditions
  • Environmental Issues
  • Property Imagery
  • Supply Agreements (where relevant)
  • Industry Overview
  • Regional Comments